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Does “love” really have no labels? So does it matter how we define “love”? Does this mean gender, race, religion, age, etc., don’t matter at all? Does “love” = “sex” or include “sex” in some of these statements? If so, does “love” really have “no age” either? Does “love” have no number? Does “love” have no species? Is a same-sex family really “no different than any other family”? And how does one come to all these conclusions–feelings? Anatomy? Popular opinion? If someone’s “religion” disagrees with these conclusions are they and their religion therefore UN-loving? Oh, and if a person agreed that love is the most wonderful thing of all, and that people of every color, gender, religion, nationality, etc., should absolutely love one another, would he or she be UN-loving if he or she believed some sexual choices are sinful? And would it be loving to affirm all sexual choices as equally valid if some of those choices were dangerous or unhealthy? If love has no religion, but all major religions agreed that some sexual choices are sinful, does that mean all major religions are UN-loving? Does it mean “love” can only be found and achieved apart from religion? Or only within religions that don’t “judge” anything as sin (except judging)? Just wondering.


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One of the most explosive debates in our society today is over homosexuality. Are people born gay or is it a learned behavior? If they’re born that way, does that make it good and right? Shouldn’t we allow gays to legally marry?

Many don’t care what the Bible has to say on the subject, but many others try to make the Bible say that homosexuality is good. The clearest thinking teacher on this subject (that I’m aware of) is Dr. Robert Gagnon. Not only is he a great teacher, but he clearly mixes truth with compassion and genuine love in a way that is compelling.

Dr. Gagnon’s website is full of great research and reading material. Here’s a video featuring Dr. Gagnon: Dr. Robert Gagnon, What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality? S3E2 from Pure Passion on Vimeo.

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